The Last Supper

The Last Supper

 - Dining With Christ


As a Christian, am I somehow supposed to jump up on a soap box and preach Christ to everyone I know and meet? If I’m not, am I somehow a lesser Christian? Should I feel guilty? No way! Realize that evangelism is a process, and as believers, we’re all part of that process. Most often, evangelism isn’t a one-time event – it’s a gradual progression of cultivating trust and growing relationships. Read some of the following…

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  • Evangelize: It shouldn’t be a commandment-driven exercise, but a God-given privilege from the heart led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Fear of Witnessing: Are you afraid of rejection or embarrassment? Learn how to put these things behind you and have boldness in sharing.
  • Who Do You Say I Am: Once you've asked all your questions and tested the evidence, here's your next step.
  • Forgiveness Prayer: Forgiveness is available to everyone through the gift of God's Son, Jesus Christ.
  • Christian Mission Work: We're called to make disciples of all nations. Where are you called to reach?
  • Ourteach For Orphans: The biblical foundation for our call to help orphans throughout the world.
  • Death And Rebirth: What is rebirth in Christ? Here are some biblical steps towards making an eternal decision for Christ.
  • Christian Witnessing Techniques: Don't be afraid to share your faith. Nobody can take your own story away from you.
  • Believers Testimonies: Where is your heart today? Are you a follower of Christ? What story to you have to tell?
  • Simple Plan Of Salvation: What are the steps that we can take to have a relationship with God? Check out the basics here.
  • Prayer Of Sinners To God: We're all sinners separated from God. It's the gift of Jesus that bridges the gap.
  • Christian Outreach and Evangelism: Typically, evangelism isn’t a one-time event; It’s a gradual progression of cultivating trust and growing relationships.
  • God's Plan In John 3:16: God's unconditional love for mankind is wonderfully reflected in this popular verse.
  • The Passion of Christ: The passion and truth of Christ are revealed! Why was it necessary for Him to die on the cross?
  • Praying The Roman Road: What's the beginning and what's the end of the roman road? Here's the on ramp.
  • New Perspectives: A biblical study that takes anyone from a knowledge of their sinful nature to salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • Why Repent: Belief, repentance and baptism. What are these things and what do they mean to us today?
  • Free Gift Of Salvation: What does eternal security mean? Here's the way to salvation through Christ Jesus.

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