The Last Supper

The Last Supper

 - Dining With Christ

Why Christianity?

What is Christianity? That term is thrown around all over today. Is it found in a country? Is it found in a certain organization? Is it found in a certain religious institution? No, Christianity was always intended as a label for the true church of Jesus Christ. This church is made up of His true followers. Done. Christianity has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with a relationship…

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  • What are Gnostic Gospels?: Scholars are quick to embrace these new discoveries on suspect scholarship, while rejecting the simple and sound.
  • History Of The Church: The foundation of Christianity is Jesus Christ and His fulfillment of centuries of prophecy.
  • Information on Crystal Healing: An ancient eastern practice making its way into the western culture, primarily in the New Age and Occult movements.
  • New Age Guide Book: A philosophical treatise on New Age understanding and practice.
  • Christian Hope: Our hope in Jesus Christ isn't based on a blind notion of faith, it's rooted in ancient history.
  • Mormons Beliefs: How do some of the terms and meanings differ from conservative Christianity?
  • Story Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Why is Mary so revered in certain elements of the Christian church? Where did some of the traditions about her start?
  • Messianic Judaism: What is Messianic Judaism? How can someone be a Jew and a Christian?
  • Universal Church: The Christian church isn't a denomination or a building, it's the universal body of believers in Christ.
  • Edgar Cayce Biography: The background of the Sleeping Prophet and his ongoing impact on a whole generation.
  • Islamic History: How does the Qu’ran correspond to the Torah, the Psalms, and the Gospels? Do they contradict?
  • Freemasonry History: What's the background of the free masons? Is it just a fraternal order that does good works?
  • Religious Heresy: What's at the core of the various Christian cults? What do they really believe?
  • Church Differences: What are the core differences between the Christian denominations today?
  • Mary Mother Of Jesus: The mother of Jesus had a glorious role in our history, but she was merely a woman of blessing.
  • Grace And Works: What's the doctrine of grace? What's the doctrine of works? Why does any of this matter?
  • Compromise In The Church: Why does compromise in the Christian church really matter? How widespread is this trend?
  • Unity School of Christianity Beliefs: This religion is a practice of various religious thought. It is a system where people can disseminate their ideas but it is a cult.
  • Pope John Paul The Second: What is the role of the pope in the Roman Catholic Church? How has that role changed over time?
  • Catholic Priesthood: What's the history and foundation of the Roman Catholic priesthood?
  • Life And Death: What happens to our soul after we die? Is it extinguished forever, or does it live on for eternity?
  • Jesus Seminar Westar Institute: What is the Westar Institute, and why does this organization have such influence with the media?
  • Christianity: Religion Or Relationship: The heart of the Christian religion isn't religion at all. Check out the cornerstone of Bible-based Christianity.
  • Christian Origins: The founding of Christianity had nothing to do with the founding of a religion. Check out why here.
  • Buddhist Doctrine: What to Buddhists believe? What are the different doctrines of the Buddhist philosophy?
  • Death And Rebirth: The birth and death cycle of the Eastern philosophies. A doctrine that's found a new home in the West.
  • Word Of Faith: What is the Word of Faith movement? Are the teachings grounded in the Bible?
  • TM And Hinduism: The roots in ancient Hinduism and the extension to today's New Age movements.
  • Christian Scientist Religion: What's at the core of Christian Science doctrine? How does this religion define God?
  • New Age Spirituality: What's the histroy of this new spirituality? Is it considered a new world religion?
  • History Of Early Christianity: What is real Christianity? Many people are confused by the variations in doctrine these days.
  • Out of the Body Experiences: This practice is commonly desired for a spiritual reason, such as reaching a higher level of conscious or enlightenment.
  • Polycarp The Early Church Father: As a leader in the early church, he helped battle various heresies that tried to creep in.
  • God's Angels: Are these spiritual beings merely pop culture icons, or do they truly exist in the spiritual realm?
  • Witnesses For Jehovah: Why do Witnesses claim some special connection to Jesus? Why is Watchtower theology different?
  • Historical Basis Of Religions: A general summary of the major world religions and their historical backgrounds.

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