The Last Supper

The Last Supper

 - Dining With Christ


God’s saved you for all eternity. Now He wants to grow you to be like His Son, Jesus Christ. Ouch, this process can sometimes hurt! What does the full image of Christ really look and feel like? Sorry, God’s ultimate purpose for His followers is not comfort here on earth, but the true development of Christ-like character for all of eternity. Check some of these sites out for helpful growth tips…

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  • Genesis Of The Bible: The first book of the Bible covers the beginning of life and humanity. Remarkably, it stands the test of time.
  • Define Baptism of the Holy Spirit: It unites believers with the church and identifies believers with Jesus' death and resurrection. What does it mean to you?
  • Counting The Cost: As Christians, we're called to die to self and live our lives for Christ.
  • Hearing God’s voice: How did people in the Bible hear the Heavenly Father? Can we follow their example? Learn more now.
  • Understanding God's Will: Hearing God's voice and obeying God's voice are different matters. Where do we start?
  • Events Before The Rapture: What will the world look like right before this spiritual event occurs? You might be surprised.
  • Second Coming of Jesus Christ: When will this event happen? Will it be in my lifetime? Find out what the Bible says about the return of Christ.
  • Disciples Of Jesus: We're called to worship Christ as Savior and Lord. What does the Lordship part really mean?
  • Temptation in the Bible: Were people in the Bible tempted? How did they react? Did God forgive them for sinning? Did they reap the consequences?
  • Bible Verses for Spiritual Growth: Discover what God’s Word says about growing in your Christian walk. What is your responsibility? Learn how to grow!
  • Help In Reading The Bible: Biblical comprehension is based on a simple plan for reading the Bible each day. Start now.
  • Pictures Of Guardian Angels: Our culture depicts angels in many ways. What's at the core of it all? Is there any truth in these depictions?
  • Biblical Leadership: Learn the premise of leading from a servant perspective. Discover how to develop humility in your relationships. Are you a good leader?
  • Accountability: The act of holding yourself responsible for your actions. Often another person is brought in to help give support and encouragement.
  • Hearing God Speak: We all want to hear from God. What are the motivations of our heart? Check them here.
  • Reasoned Faith: Christians aren't asked to check theeir intellect and reason at the door of the church.
  • John's Biblical Account: The account of John is rich in theological insight. It's the story of Christ from the deepest level.
  • Biblical Questions: If you need assistance with some difficult Bible passages, here's a Bible-based resource.
  • Pride: What motives lie behind a proud spirit? Why is it so difficult to defeat? Learn how to develop humility in your day-to-day life.
  • Reading the Bible: Do you want to hide God’s Word in your heart, but don’t know how to begin? Learn helpful information here.
  • Biblical Concepts in Counseling: Does the Bible contain principles that apply to life today? Can a biblical counselor help me in my situation?
  • Daily Devotions: Understand the importance of communing with God and how it can influence your life. Learn practical tips for making these times more effective.
  • Personal Journaling: Writing is a form of meditation and prayer. It allows us to reflect on God's continuing place in our lives.
  • Names Of God In Scripture: The New Testament scripture uses many Greek names for God. They tell us a great deal.
  • Genesis Days And The Gap Theory: The conjecture that's not supported by the biblical record or the observable evidence.
  • Scriptural Reference: Understanding Bible more and growing in your biblical studies. Take a look here.
  • Perfect Lamb Of God: Why did the Jewish Scriptures focus so heavily on the atoning nature of animal blood?
  • Christian Teaching: The Christian faith should be taught from the simple basics in scripture. The Good News doesn't need a theology degree.
  • Importance Of A Bible Concordance: A powerful study aid that allows a student of the Bible to understand the original wwords better.
  • Biblical Spiritual Warfare : We operate in the physical and sometimes forget the importance of the spiritual. Here's a call to action.
  • Meaning Of Communion: What was the purpose of this final meal? What does the Bible say about communion?
  • Biblical Scripture: God's Word contains the simple truth of the message of Jesus Christ. Check the scriptures for yourself.
  • Evangelical Christian Meditation: Worshippers of God have meditated on Him and His Word for centuries. Check out what the Bible says…
  • Bible Help Aids: If you need a study aid for understanding certain portions of scripture, here's a resource for you.
  • Spiritual Maturity and Christianity: Choose to apply God’s principles to your life so that you can grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Stories of Discipleship: The first twelve disciples of Jesus and the principles of Christian growth that still apply today.

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