The Last Supper

The Last Supper

 - Dining With Christ

Life Challenges

The trials of life… The challenges of health… The loss… The depression… The stress… The pain… Life Challenges are every where around us today. In fact, it seems that true trial is growing in frequency. Why? What can we do about it? Read some of the following sites and see where you fit in…

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  • Christian Marriage Counseling: This type of help is available for those willing to ask for it. Don’t let problems threaten your marriage. Ask for help.
  • Coping with Death of a Loved One: Are you hurt? Do you feel guilty? Do you seek answers about dying? Learn more here and discover hope.
  • Loneliness And Alienation: Friends can let us down when they turn away during a life crisis. When we're alone, who can we turn to?
  • Coping with Miscarriage Pain: Dealing with pregnancy loss isn’t about forgetting, it’s about grieving and honoring your baby.
  • Symptoms of Depression: Read a personal story of diagnosis and treatment. This person survived the trial and came out victorious. Learn more here.
  • Children Coping With Divorce: A divorce can rip at the heart of stability for a young child. How do children cope with divorce?
  • Coping and Chronic Pain: Discover practical strategies and methods. Use the soreness to reexamine your significance and purpose in life.
  • Marital Separation: Separating is a tough circumstance that many people face. Are you hurting? Find hope here. Learn to cope.
  • Dealing with Anxiety: Is your “to do” list full and running over? Do worry about getting everything done? Find relief from anxiousness here.
  • Divorce Rates: The statistics are staggering. The effects are devastating. Seek an alternate source of help now.
  • Child Abuse Recovery: Do you feel trapped, abandoned, angry, and shameful about things that happened to you in your childhood? Find relief and recovery.
  • Dealing with Grief: Are you asking “what if” or experiencing guilt because of the loss of a friend? Find hope and reassurance here.
  • Why Me?: Do you feel deserted and lonely? Are you confused and seeking answers? Find help by understanding the reasons for your life events.
  • How to Overcome Jealousy: Do you have feelings of envy toward others? Nothing good comes from an evil and jealous spirit. Learn more.
  • Sex Before Marriage: Gain an understanding of how sexual activity before marriage will affect your life, both physically and emotionally.
  • Miscarriage Statistics: The definitions and statistics underlying miscarriage. The physical and emotional effects.
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer Info: Find hope in the midst of trial. Dig deep and seek meaning for your battle.
  • Christian Parent: How important is instruction in children’s lives? Are we held responsible if they turn away from God? Receive help and guidance.
  • Chronic Pain Relief: What's at the heart of physical pain? How can someone persevere and conquer?
  • Christian Home: A Christian home is a Christ-led and Christ-focused home. How do we pull this off?
  • Pancreatitis Symptoms: The pancreas secretes the enzymes that help digest our food. What happens when those enzymes start digesting the pancreas itself?
  • Unfaithful Spouse: Extramarital relationships can occur in happy marriages as well as troubled marriages. Sometimes, the affair is never discovered.
  • Are you Dealing with Depression?: Do you want to laugh and enjoy life again? Learn how to be free from sadness and anxiety.
  • Fear of Dying: Does death scare you? Are you afraid of flying or sleeping for fear of death? Discover the Source that can remove fear.
  • The Bible And Homosexuality: What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Why is some of the Christian church embracing the lifestyle?
  • Parents of Suicide: The news that changed my life! My son had killed himself. How can I go on? Where can I get comfort and hope?
  • Coping with Depression: My self worth was low until I found help through Jesus. He brought significance and hope into my life.
  • Post Abortion Syndrome Counseling: Also known as Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, how can we address the heart of the issue?
  • Dealing with Job Loss: Feeling defeated? Worthless? Doesn’t anyone need you anymore? Learn how one person transitioned from unemployment to fulfillment. Learn more here.
  • Ways to Commit Suicide: Are you searching for hope in a hopeless world? Is there any reason to live? Are you looking for a quick fix?

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